What’s the best winter fruit???

Notice, I didn’t write food, cause that will be Krembo*…

In my very humble yet rabbinic opinion the best winter fruit is Pomelo. Back in Israel I used to buy 4-5 pomelos a week, and I probably would have gotten more if they weren’t so havy…It’s the one fruit I really miss in Japan**, so you can only  imagine how happy I was when today, one of the pre-k parents gave each one of us a pomelo! I was sooooo happy and beyond amused to see the bag had pealing instruction….

pealing instructions

pealing instructions

this is how big it is (well..the glue is quite small)

this is how big it is (well..the glue is quite small)

* Krembo is this lovely thing : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krembo

** If you’re wondering why I don’t buy them here, it’s because they cost a fortune, this one was probably 2000 or 3000 yen, which is 100-150 NIS, or $ 24-25…


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New Year in Japan

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A week before winter break Mrs Hiromi, our pre – k teacher, taught us about new year celebrations in Japanese tradition, going to shrines praying for a good year, preparing rice cakes (Kagami mochi) and spending time with family.  As part of our lesson we prepared … Continue reading

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Christmas in Tsukuba

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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Tsukuba has been decorated from the beginning of October, and I have to admit I’ve seen much better decorations, including Beth -Lechem during the Intifada….here’s the center piece they put up by the train station: At the local … Continue reading

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When East meets West – Japaneese meets Jewish and Israeli food

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Being veggie and kosher limits the amount of Japanese food I can sample (clearly not the sweet section…)    Last year our friends Takao and Mayoko introduced us to Mochi kinchaku: a little rice cake in a tofu-skin bag that looks like a little money sache’. Add it … Continue reading

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Shichi Go San (7-5-3)

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The first time I heard about shichi-go-san was last year in Mrs.Suzuki’s 1st grade class. They were learning about celebrations, I was helping out and learning too. This year I made sure to be out and about in shrines around Tokyo … Continue reading

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Treasures one can find while waiting for water to boil

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Yesterday I went to our staff room to make tea. The kettle takes hours to boil. Usually I sit around reading Magazines from IB world movement, but this time I went to explore the shelves! And what treasures I found … Continue reading

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I can read!

My knowledge of Japanese lays in 2 books I got for 2 courses I registered but never really went to,  hence: I really know nothing.

Most of the time it means isolation yet through  my craving for familiar words my eyes catch any English (or Hebrew) writing anywhere I walk…most of it doesn’t really make sense. This one did:

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