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Quick update עדכון מהיר

Yiphat went back Wednesday morning. on Sunday before I began working as a counselor at a day camp, so not much time (or energy) to write. But, this I have to share: the crazy fruit world of Japan יפעת נסעה ביום רביעי מוקדם בבוקר. ביום … Continue reading

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Our first visitor הראשונה לבקר

Last Thursday Yiphat landed in Japan 🙂 since then we visited  Tokyo, Nikko and a superb 100yen shop in Tsukuba 🙂 Its great having her with us. After the Hebrew section you’ll see all that she has brought us from Israel, some serious supply 🙂      ביום חמישי … Continue reading

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Dog poo קקי של כלבים

Photo- English- Hebrew When I first got here I saw at the supermarket a  baked sweet  that looked like dog poo. Yesterday I found the guts to taste it… Looks like dog poo but taste like caramelized pretzels כשרק הגעתי … Continue reading

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