Treasures one can find while waiting for water to boil

Yesterday I went to our staff room to make tea. The kettle takes hours to boil. Usually I sit around reading Magazines from IB world movement, but this time I went to explore the shelves! And what treasures I found there! first this:

The Cave of Machpela puzzle

You can imagine how shocked I was to see this in the end of no-where-Tsukuba-Ibaraki- Japan! The Cave of the Machpela is where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rivka, Jacob and Leah are buried. An important site that has become center of conflict.  The next day, the shock has settled, I used my ‘kettle time’ to see what else is there, to find this:

Aleph Bet Bingo

Some info about the cave of Machpela:

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4 Responses to Treasures one can find while waiting for water to boil

  1. revital says:

    Bingo! this is the way to learn hebrew in a fun way! almost like a bet avot in Miami….

  2. שלומית says:

    ענק. יפן לא מפסיקה להפתיע. נשיקות

  3. Yiphat Kallush says:

    האא, איזה קטעים…י

  4. Skye says:

    Wow! I love all the little tidbits about life that you educate me on!! I had never heard of the cave of Machpela!

    btw, I wonder where on Earth that came from!?

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