Shichi Go San (7-5-3)

The first time I heard about shichi-go-san was last year in Mrs.Suzuki’s 1st grade class. They were learning about celebrations, I was helping out and learning too. This year I made sure to be out and about in shrines around Tokyo to see for my own, and boy was it a sight!

Shichi- Go – San, is a traditional Japanese celebration of children’s growth. When girls turn 3 and 7, and boys turn 5 its customary to go to the shrine to be blessed for good life. Clearly there is lots behind it, you can read more here, in a great informative blog written by Avi Landau, a Tsukuba resident and a fellow Jew: and here:

I have to thank Ehud for his patiance for taking all the photos, I’m a bad photographer but I know exactly what I want…

Here we go…enjoy: ahh, we also saw 2 weddings, but that will have to be in a different post…

At the local shrine by the JCC

3 generations celebrating together

The Kimono she is wearing was her grandmothers when she was 3!!! she was a cutie and showed off her little bag of ame – sweets.

A family leaving Meiji Jingu who were happy to pose with the crazy foreigner 🙂

Playing at the entrance gate to Meiji Jingu

We had a long chat with her dad, an Irish married to a Japanese, he revealed the secret of the hair do – extensions…

This one wasn’t a happy camper

A family

A bag of sweets for the children



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2 Responses to Shichi Go San (7-5-3)

  1. Lynn says:

    WOW!!! What great photos!! Especially the one with you, my little Israeli, with the Japanese

  2. שלומית says:

    מקסים. איזה רעיון נהדר. ואת נראית מצוין. מתגעגעת

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