What’s the best winter fruit???

Notice, I didn’t write food, cause that will be Krembo*…

In my very humble yet rabbinic opinion the best winter fruit is Pomelo. Back in Israel I used to buy 4-5 pomelos a week, and I probably would have gotten more if they weren’t so havy…It’s the one fruit I really miss in Japan**, so you can only  imagine how happy I was when today, one of the pre-k parents gave each one of us a pomelo! I was sooooo happy and beyond amused to see the bag had pealing instruction….

pealing instructions

pealing instructions

this is how big it is (well..the glue is quite small)

this is how big it is (well..the glue is quite small)

* Krembo is this lovely thing : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krembo

** If you’re wondering why I don’t buy them here, it’s because they cost a fortune, this one was probably 2000 or 3000 yen, which is 100-150 NIS, or $ 24-25…


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3 Responses to What’s the best winter fruit???

  1. שלומית says:

    יש לי זכרון ברור שלך מקלפת פומלה. או תפוז. פרי עץ הדר כלשהוא.

  2. Roee Maor says:

    How can I reply with an image?
    There’s something you should see. Was a real eye-opener for me.
    Big hug

  3. Gildoni says:

    Can I send you a few?

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