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What’s the best winter fruit???

Notice, I didn’t write food, cause that will be Krembo*… In my very humble yet rabbinic opinion the best winter fruit is Pomelo. Back in Israel I used to buy 4-5 pomelos a week, and I probably would have gotten more if they weren’t … Continue reading

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When East meets West – Japaneese meets Jewish and Israeli food

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Being veggie and kosher limits the amount of Japanese food I can sample (clearly not the sweet section…)    Last year our friends Takao and Mayoko introduced us to Mochi kinchaku: a little rice cake in a tofu-skin bag that looks like a little money sache’. Add it … Continue reading

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I love eating. It has brought some great moments & lots of early morning run’s (which I do only to keep myself  around the M size – not because I love/enjoy/think its fun it’s not)  here it also brought some great moments of laughter and … Continue reading

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Dogs Bags Cookies and Cats… כלבים תיקים עוגיות וחתולים

Last week I was a bit worried that Tokyo Metro managers were spying on me. It seems like everything I did (by mistake or on purpose) becomes an advertisement for proper train behavior.  I was on the way to Tokyo … Continue reading

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Its here!!! whooppee

It wasnt really a surprise, as I ordered it, however, I was sure it will take 2 more weeks 🙂     A recipe booklet by a great blogger all easy and quick!!! boy what a spring break I will have…whooppeee!!!!!

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Bits and pieces of August קצת ממה שהיה באוגוסט

Hebrew- Photo- English חודש אוגוסט סיפק כמה רגעי הנאה ונחת לצד כמה רגעי זוועה שהפיקו מפי מרגליות! מאחר ואני עדיין מעכלת את ארוחת הצהריים וגם את האירועים, הנה כמה אנקטודות:  30 מעלות ב 7 בבוקר הן דבר של מה בכך. מזגן שמכוון על 28 … Continue reading

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Quick update עדכון מהיר

Yiphat went back Wednesday morning. on Sunday before I began working as a counselor at a day camp, so not much time (or energy) to write. But, this I have to share: the crazy fruit world of Japan יפעת נסעה ביום רביעי מוקדם בבוקר. ביום … Continue reading

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