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What’s the best winter fruit???

Notice, I didn’t write food, cause that will be Krembo*… In my very humble yet rabbinic opinion the best winter fruit is Pomelo. Back in Israel I used to buy 4-5 pomelos a week, and I probably would have gotten more if they weren’t … Continue reading

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New Year in Japan

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A week before winter break Mrs Hiromi, our pre – k teacher, taught us about new year celebrations in Japanese tradition, going to shrines praying for a good year, preparing rice cakes (Kagami mochi) and spending time with family.  As part of our lesson we prepared … Continue reading

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Treasures one can find while waiting for water to boil

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Yesterday I went to our staff room to make tea. The kettle takes hours to boil. Usually I sit around reading Magazines from IB world movement, but this time I went to explore the shelves! And what treasures I found … Continue reading

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Shhhuuuu its been a while

Oh well….I can pile up excuses but I won’t, it was pure laziness. Unfortunately I can’t promise it wont happen again 🙂 Lots of things happened since I last blogged, I’ll skip most of them this post, but they might come up along … Continue reading

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Its been a year ! חלפה שנה

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A year ago I landed in Japan, to join Ehud. Its been one heck of an experience. Like anything in life there was some good and not so good (in my attempt to think positively I won’t say bad) two of the best things … Continue reading

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Quick update עדכון מהיר

Yiphat went back Wednesday morning. on Sunday before I began working as a counselor at a day camp, so not much time (or energy) to write. But, this I have to share: the crazy fruit world of Japan יפעת נסעה ביום רביעי מוקדם בבוקר. ביום … Continue reading

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Its been a while

פששש יפה לי,עבר מלא זמן מאז כתבתי כאן לאחרונה…י  היה איזה שבוע וחצי שבו הייתי גננת בגן ילדים יפני דובר אנגלית, ולשמחתי הרבה זה הסתיים. רוב הילדים היו חמודים, הצוות- קצת פחות. הם חיפשו מישהי יותר צוהלת ושמחה…ואני, איך לאמר … Continue reading

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