Shhhuuuu its been a while

Oh well….I can pile up excuses but I won’t,聽it was pure laziness. Unfortunately I can’t promise it wont happen again 馃檪

Lots of things happened since I last blogged, I’ll skip most of them this post,聽but聽they might come up along the way.

Last week while teaching a lovely, bright student on the 27th floor of a Tokyo apartment building we saw this:

Can you see the rainbow?

讝诪谉 专讘 注讘专 诪讛专砖讜诪讛 讛讗讞专讜谞讛. 讗谞讬 讬讻讜诇讛 诇注专讜诐 转讬专讜爪讬诐 诪讻讗谉 注讚 讟讘专讬讛 讜讞讝专讛, 讗讘诇 诇讗 讗注砖讛 讝讗转. 讗讜讚讛 讜讗讘讜砖 讛讬讬转讬 注爪诇谞讬转. 诇爪注专讬聽 讗讬谉 住讬讻讜讬 砖讗讘讟讬讞 砖讝讛 诇讗 讬拽专讛 砖讜讘….讬

拽专讜 讛专讘讛 讚讘专讬诐 讘转拽讜驻讛 讛讗讞专讜谞讛, 诇讗 讗讻转讜讘 注诇讬讛诐 讻讗谉, 讗讜诇讬 讛诐 讬爪讜爪讜 讘注转讬讚 (讗诐 诇讗 讗转注爪诇…) 砖讘讜注 砖注讘专 讘讗诪爪注 砖讬注讜专 砖讛转拽讬讬诐 讘拽讜诪讛 讛 27 砖诇 讘谞讬讬谉 诪讙讜专讬诐 讘讟讜拽讬讜, 专讗讬谞讜 讗转 诪讛 砖爪诇诪转讬 讘转诪讜谞讛. 诇驻注诪讬诐 讟讜拽讬讜 诪爪诇讬讞讛 诇讛驻转讬注 诇讟讜讘讛

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I love eating.聽It has brought some great moments &聽lots of early morning run’s (which I do only to keep myself聽 around the M size – not because聽I love/enjoy/think its fun聽it’s not)聽聽here it also brought some great moments of laughter and … Continue reading

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诪砖转讬谉 讘拽讬专…讬 Pee in Tsukuba…

Hebrew – English – Picture of the infamous pissing kit

驻注诐 讘砖谞讛 讻诇 讛住讟讜讚谞讟讬诐 砖诇 讗讜谞讬讘专住讬讟转 讟住拽讜讘讛 爪专讬讻讬诐 诇注讘讜专 讘讚讬拽讜转 专驻讗讜讬讜转, 诇讗 诇讙诪专讬 讘专讜专 诇讬 诇诪讛 讛诐 诇讗 诪讘拽砖讬诐 诪讻诇 讗讞讚 诇诇讻转 诇专讜驻讗 诪砖驻讞讛 讜诇讛讘讬讗 讗讬砖讜专, 讻谞专讗讛 砖讛诐 诪注讚讬驻讬诐 诇讗转讙专 讗转 讛住讟讜讚谞讟讬诐 砖诇讛诐 诇讛砖转讬谉 讘讻讜住讬转 谞讬讬专 讜讘讬讜诐 诪住讜讬讬诐 砖讻讜诇诐 讬讘讜讗讜 注诐 讘拽讘讜拽讜谉 拽讟谉 诪诇讗 砖转谉 诇谞拽讜讚转 讗讬住讜祝…诇讗诇讜讛讬 讛讬驻谞讬诐 讛驻转专讜谞讬诐

Once a year Tsukuba University students are required to聽undergo聽 medical examination, I’m truly not sure why not have them get an official letter from聽their doctor, maybe they enjoy the sight of hundreds of students stressing over the urine test and walking around Campus with a little bottle filled with it at one given day

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Oy vey the things I’ve seen

Yesterday walking from the JCJ (Jewish Community of Japan) we saw this :

Jerusalem in Tokyo 馃檪 nice!

I’ve been living here a year and this is a first and hopefully the last…

A - MAN- with - a - TAIL!!!!!!


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Its been a year ! 讞诇驻讛 砖谞讛

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A year ago I聽landed in Japan, to join Ehud. Its been one heck of an experience. Like anything in life there was some good and聽not so good (in my attempt to think positively I won’t say bad)聽two of the聽best things … Continue reading

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Rain… 讙砖诐

Hebrew – Picture – English

聽讞讜住专 讞讬讘转讬聽讛讬讚讜注 诇讙砖诐聽诪转注专注专 讘讬诪讬诐 讛讗讞专讜谞讬诐 诇讗讜专 讛注讜讘讚讛 讛讗讘讬讘讬转 砖诪住转讘专 砖讗谞讬 讗诇专讙讬转 诇诪砖讛讜 …讻讜诇诐 讗讜诪专讬诐 砖讝讛 诇讗专讝, 专拽 砖讗谞讬 诇讗 专讗讬转讬 讗专讝讬诐 讻讗谉, 讗讜 讘注爪诐, 诇讗 专讗讬转讬 讗专讝讬诐 讻诪讜 砖讬砖 诇谞讜 讘诪讝专讞 讛转讬讻讜谉, 讬驻讬诐 讻讗诇讜…讘讻诇 诪拽专讛, 讛讙砖诐 诪住转讘专, 注讜砖讛 驻诇讗讬诐 诇讗诇专讙讬讛- 讬注谞讜 诪讙专砖 讗讜转讛 讘讗讜驻谉 讝诪谞讬…讜讝讜 讘注讬讛 讻讬 讗谞讬 诇讗 讗讜讛讘转 讙砖诐 馃槮 讬讻讜诇 诇讛讬讜转 砖讗专讙讬砖 讗讞专转 讻砖注爪讬 讛讚讜讘讚讘谉 讜/讗讜 讛砖讝讬祝聽讬驻专讞讜 住讘讬讘 讛讘讬转 砖诇谞讜, 讘讬谞转讬讬诐 讛讚讘专 讛讬讞讬讚 砖爪讜诪讞, 讝讛 注抓 诪谞讬讬专 讘讻谞讬住讛 诇诪讻讜诇转 :)讬

My dislike to rain is well聽known, I’ve mentioned it once or twice before, yet lately it has been challenged… I’m allergic to something, might be to Cedar, although I have not seen Cedar trees anywhere, or at least,聽not the beautiful聽ones I know from Israel/Lebanon/Europe/USA. Any way, it seems like the rain works wonders on allergies – it makes them temporarily disapear…and that is a problem聽because聽I really really don’t like rain 馃槮聽 I might feel different when the Cherry and Plum trees blossom around us, but for now, the only thing blossoming is the paper tree outside the local Conbini 馃檪

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Dogs Bags Cookies and Cats… 讻诇讘讬诐 转讬拽讬诐 注讜讙讬讜转 讜讞转讜诇讬诐

Last week I was a bit worried that Tokyo Metro managers were spying on me. It seems like everything I did (by mistake or on purpose) becomes an advertisement for proper train behavior.聽 I was on the way to Tokyo after a long day at school, tired and hungry聽I decided to eat my sandwich…the week after I saw this:


Please consider the people around you before considering eating or drinking on the train...

I was proven to be wrong, no one is spying after me as I never put my聽bag on the seat and I聽don’t (yet) own a聽dog, and even if I did, I hope it wont聽fit into a hand-bag:

Please do not put your belongings on the seat next to you

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